Multi-Discipline Engineering Consultants

Our multi-discipline engineering consultants are here to solve the most complex aspects of your project.

Team members from each science and engineering discipline work together to find the project design solutions to your unique challenges.

Collaborate with a Multi-Discipline Engineering Team

As an integrated engineering firm, our clients enjoy experienced, multidisciplinary engineering teams:

Our team members have engineering degrees and use modern communication tools to work closely with our talented drafting and design and comprehensive project services groups.

multi-discipline engineering services

Working with Vista means you’ll enjoy the benefits of enhanced project collaboration via a single-source-of-truth data portal. We can tackle your most intricate designs and your general engineering requirements for projects in Canada, the United States, and beyond.

Our truth-based industrial engineering execution model has many proven advantages. It gives all internal and external project stakeholders on-demand access to accurate and verifiable information about your asset. This extends to future suppliers and operators throughout your asset’s lifecycle.

Multidisciplinary Engineering Teams Working Together

To ensure you get a fit-for-purpose project design, our systems engineering experts work collaboratively with your teams. A fully integrated engineering technology firm, our professionally accredited engineers work within a digital engineering environment to streamline project management activities.

Our unique execution model compresses your project execution timeline and prevent costly errors before its too late. It’s all made possible with our data-centric approach to project and asset management.

multidisciplinary engineering consultants working at a computer in Vista Projects' Calgary office

Process Engineering

Our process engineering group provides an in-depth working knowledge of multiple process systems and simulation software. Common deliverables for the process team include:

  • preparation and approval of project-specific design documentation
  • preparation and review of PFDs, P&IDs, DTPTs, datasheets, design calculations, etc.
  • application of a professional engineering stamp, as required

Civil Structural Engineering

Our civil structural engineering group performs many tasks in collaboration with other disciplines. The civil structural team’s responsibilities include the following tasks.

  • Preparing loading and load combinations based on the applicable codes and standards
  • Coordinating shop-drawing reviews for structural adequacy and accordance with issued for construction (IFC) structural drawings
  • Checking complex structural engineering designs, including:
    • rack structure supports
    • structural foundation drawings
    • main structural frames
    • secondary steel frames, platforms, and access
    • architectural plan drawings
    • load foundation calculations

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering group applies extensive knowledge in CEC and international codes, standards and approved codes of practice for every project. Our team independently prepares or reviews electrical transient analyzer program (ETAP) or software development kits (SDK) models.

The electrical team’s responsibilities include:

  • drawing packages
  • single-line diagrams (SLDs)
  • area classifications
  • electrical layouts
  • voltage drop calculations
  • demand load calculations
  • JB wiring diagrams
  • motor and variable frequency drive (VFD) schematics
  • cable schedules and cable tray fill calculations
  • electrical heat tracing (EHT) calculations and isometrics

Instrumentation and Controls Engineering

Our instrumentation and controls engineering team prepares P&ID inputs and oversees instrument selection. The I&C group is also responsible for developing and reviewing instrument indexes, instrument datasheets, and inline instrument sizing.

Other common I&C deliverables include preparing:

  • I/O count and assignments
  • instrument loop diagrams
  • instrument UPS load requirements lists
  • cable schedule inputs
  • junction box termination drawings
  • SKDs
  • control philosophies or narratives

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering group applies an extensive working knowledge of most equipment types. The team will review a variety of design characteristics from a mechanical standpoint, including:

  • equipment drawings
  • P&IDs
  • general arrangement drawings

Our mechanical engineers work closely with other engineering disciplines throughout the project cycle. They take a collaborative approach to prepare and review deliverables in accordance with industry and client codes and standards. This includes equipment data sheets, lists, packages, and drawings.

The team is also responsible for preparing and reviewing specifications for mechanical systems and materials, technical selection, and equipment evaluation.

Piping Engineering

The piping engineering group encompasses materials and stress engineering as well as metallurgy. Common deliverables include developing and stamping new and existing line class specifications, preparing stress calculations, and defining piping and equipment metallurgies.

Project Engineering Services

No matter the stage of your project, we have you covered, from studies through to construction support.

  • Preliminary Front-End Engineering Design (pre-FEED)
  • Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Detailed Engineering (DE)

Engineering Studies

Engineering studies are often required in the early stages of project design. This allows multi-discipline engineering teams to optimize specifications and address the unique challenges associated with a project. For example, we conducted a study for Natural Resources Canada. Our early engineering evaluation included recommendations for strategic locations and costs related to petroleum bulk storage facilities.

With the goal of the most cost-effective solution, we explore all the options when conducting an engineering study. Among other aspects, our reviews include:

  • process technologies
  • alternate process design schemes
  • utilization of existing plant facilities
  • alternative construction materials or techniques
  • scheduling options

Engineering Markets

Our project multidisciplinary engineering consultants are detailed oriented and have experience with some of the most successful processing facilities in North America. We can help solve the challenges you face in any of the following global energy and industrial markets.

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Join Our Team with a Career in Multi-Discipline Engineering

Our engineering roles require a degree from a recognized college of engineering and are categorized by experience level. Jobs in each engineering field are offered at a variety of competency levels. Depending on your career goals and individual plan of study, you may wish to practice engineering at Vista earlier in your career or return after completing a graduate program. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our multi-discipline engineering professionals  Please click below to view the multidisciplinary engineering job descriptions and apply for future opportunities within your area of expertise.