Health, Safety & the Environment

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Health, Safety & the Environment

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Vista Projects’ occupational health and safety program extends beyond a written policy; it is a vital part of our culture promoted by a 24/7 safety outlook that encourages everyone to think about safety at the office, in the field, and at home.

Our people – employees, subcontractors, and agency staff – are the foundation of everything we do as an engineering services firm. Their safety is in our hands and we owe it to them to provide a safe working environment to perform their specialized engineering consulting duties. We take great measures to ensure our work environment is caring and safe.

Our people regularly participate in safety training, with field staff completing comprehensive training specific to their work prior to heading into the field. Meeting the standards of regular independent evaluation and maintenance audits, Vista Projects‘ program maintains a Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition.

HSE Policy

HSE Policy
Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) protection is a core value at Vista Projects. We always aim to operate a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly business. Vista Projects supports the right of all personnel to work in a safe and healthy work environment and will take all reasonable steps to consistently uphold this value.

  • Integrating safety in the design process
  • Encouraging environmentally friendly designs and the reduction of each project’s environmental footprint
  • Identifying, evaluating, and minimizing risk exposures
  • Utilizing regular review mechanisms
  • Practicing continuous improvement processes
  • Complying with applicable industry standards and government legislative requirements
  • Effectively implementing the HSE program
  • Assigning clear HSE responsibilities to all personnel
  • Communicating the HSE program to all personnel and concerned parties
  • Equipping personnel with the resources and training to carry out their work effectively
  • Integrating health and safety into our day-to-day activities

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