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For more than 38 years, Vista Projects has operated around a continuous model where a focus on our people generates first-class work that helps secure more work and attracts more top performers. 

It’s a people-first approach to professional engineering but it only works if we have the right people in place. That’s why the people we hire must be…


At Vista Projects, being smart doesn’t mean you know everything – nobody does.

However, the people we hire must be quick studies, proficient problem solvers, knowledgeable about their work and passionate about learning. The expectation is that you will overcome new challenges and inspire colleagues to do the same. Our job is to provide an environment that empowers you to perform at your best, innovate and take advantage of new opportunities.


True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” ~ C.S. Lewis

Vista Projects believes humility is the foundation of innovation. It fosters a supportive, flexible and dynamic workplace, where people recognize contributions and correct mistakes. The value our people add is never measured by title or office size, but rather by continued involvement. Everyone is expected to maintain his or her own work while also remaining available to help others. It is imperative for the people of Vista Projects to embrace this outlook.


Trust is crucial to the success of any relationship.

Our clients trust Vista Projects to deliver quality engineering products and we trust our employees to work hard and ask for help when it is needed. But you can only trust a person if you know he or she is being honest with you. If you can’t be honest about your work, Vista Projects won’t be a good fit for you. That’s the truth.


Good things rarely come to those who aren’t willing to work for them.

Vista Projects has engineered some of the most successful projects in the Alberta oil sands. Our success is driven by outstanding technical expertise, flexibility, responsiveness and consistent delivery of quality work. And at the root of our accomplishments is a committed team of hardworking people. If you want to join our team, please be ready to work hard while on the job and enjoy the rewards during your ample time away from Vista Projects.


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