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High-quality, fit-for-purpose engineering consulting services that keep your project on budget.

Get the results you need from a partner you can trust with our integrated engineering consulting services

Explore the market for integrated engineering services and you’ll find many multi-discipline engineering companies

The service offerings may seem very similar. But it’s important to understand that not all engineering consulting firms deliver the same solutions.

Here’s what you get when you choose to work with Vista Projects:

  • Cost-effective engineering designs that meet the long-term demands of your assets
  • Fit-for-purpose engineering solutions that can literally save your project millions of dollars
  • A truth-based industrial engineering approach to project execution that structures all data in a digital single-source-of-truth environment
  • On-demand access to accurate and verifiable information about your asset for all project stakeholders
  • Decisions based on leading instead of lagging indicators
  • Enhanced data integration with future suppliers and operators throughout your asset’s lifecycle

Your Asset’s Lifecycle

Energy processing facilities are long-term assets that require significant capital investment.

As an owner, you intend for the facility to operate efficiently for at least 10-20 years. It’s critical that the early plant design decisions consider both:

  • your total cost of ownership (TCO), and
  • the total installed cost (TIC) of your projects

Increased collaboration and transparency will help your teams overcome common challenges more efficiently.

These efficiencies compound with time, prevent costly errors before it’s too late, and reduce your TCO and TIC.

Integrated Engineering Services Firm

There are many benefits to working with a fully integrated engineering company. You can have it all – from specialized engineering consulting services and turnkey system integration solutions to multi-discipline project engineering teams. 

Project Services

Multi-Discipline Engineering Services

Our integrated engineering consultants work as part of a multi-disciplinary offering to develop solutions for your project. The goal is to establish a highly transparent and collaborative approach that produces high-quality, fit-for-purpose engineering designs.

Quality is Everything

It’s not just about delivering high-quality integrated engineering services – that’s a given.

At the end of the day, engineering services are really about transparency, collaboration, and relationships. You want a partner you can trust to keep your project on budget and schedule. We want clients to return because you see the quality of our relationship as much as the quality of the design.

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Get started with our professional engineering consultants. Learn how we provide high-quality, fit-for-purpose process designs that keep your project on budget.

Highlighted Projects

Vista’s engineering experience spans multiple decades and industries. Our highlighted projects document how we helped facility operators reduce project TIC and asset TCO. They also explain how we’ve implemented complex new technology for emerging energy start-ups.

Trust and Flexibility

Sometimes engineering services companies try to force clients to accept a certain way of project execution. This rigid approach doesn’t benefit anyone.

Flexibility and the ability to understand different client requirements are key to developing a successful partnership. 

We’re a technology-agnostic engineering company and system integrator. That means we can deliver high-quality process engineering services with your preferred software or tools.

Through a highly collaborative process, your interests are understood and incorporated into our flexible engineering services. Watch this video to understand the importance of trust in building a successful relationship.

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System Integration Consultants

As an AVEVA Partner, Vista Projects specializes in the implementation, configuration, administration, and support of AVEVA’s Asset Information Management suite.

We support both owners/operators and EPCs with capital project implementations. The union of our integrated engineering and technical expertise is a true advantage. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you maximize the return on your software investments.

What Our Clients Say

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Steve Byers
Steve Byers is Vista's Program Engineering Director

Engineering Markets

Your long-term project success is what matters most, in any market. Benefit from our years of experience delivering integrated engineering services in a variety of industrial markets. 

Career Opportunities

We are always open to meeting new candidates who could be a great fit with our team. If this sounds like you, check out our industrial engineering roles and apply to be considered for future opportunities. You may also apply specifically for future project services jobs.

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