Integrated Engineering Services

When you explore the market for integrated engineering services, you may find many multi-discipline engineering companies with similar service offerings. It’s important to understand that not all engineering consulting firms deliver the same solutions.

Integrated Engineering Services for Your Asset Lifecycle

Largescale processing facilities are long-term assets that require significant capital investment. As an owner, you intend for the facility to operate efficiently for at least 20-30 years. It’s critical that the early plant design decisions consider both:

  • your total cost of ownership (TCO), and
  • the total installed cost (TIC) of your individual projects

At Vista, we focus on cost-effective engineering designs that meet the long-term demands of your industrial infrastructure assets. We do it by structuring all data in a single source of truth environment. This forms the foundation of our truth-based industrial engineering approach.

It is a unique execution model that we’ve developed over several years. It gives all project stakeholders on-demand access to accurate and verifiable information about the asset.

This enhanced integration extends to future suppliers and operators throughout your asset’s lifecycle. When our teams work more collaboratively, they help each other overcome common challenges and prevent costly errors before it’s too late.

These efficiencies compound over time, resulting in a lower TIC and TCO.

woman at engineering desk in the Vista office

What is Integrated Engineering?

Integrated engineering is a project design process that involves multiple engineering disciplines and drafting and design specialists. These teams collaborate with our project support services including document control, estimating, procurement, project controls, project management, and quality assurance.

Centralized engineering integration is particularly important to the development of industrial infrastructure, where assets have a decades-long lifecycle.

Multi-Discipline Engineering Company

As an integrated engineering company, our clients enjoy experienced, multi-discipline engineering teams:

Our professionally accredited engineering disciplines and project services group integrate closely with your internal and external project stakeholders. The goal is to establish a highly transparent and collaborative approach that produces high-quality, fit-for-purpose engineering designs.

Integrated Engineering Services Vista Projects
Members of Vista’s integrated engineering services team.

Flexibility and Scalability

ISO 9001 logo | Vista Projects engineering capabilitiesOur experienced team has an integrated engineering solution to suit your requirements. From small pilot projects to a multi-phase production facility,  you can call on our team. We provide flexible and scalable solutions in a variety of global energy and industrial markets.

Engineering Markets

Across all markets, your long-term project success is what matters most.

We are not simply specialized engineering consultants, but a committed partner in your projects and assets. We apply this approach and commitment to every new project that you entrust to us.

With years of experience, our enhanced engineering service teams constantly find new ways to deliver the highest quality designs. Whether you need a civil engineering specialist or an expert from any other engineering discipline, our certified experts have you covered.


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