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Sulphur & the Circular Economy

Sulphur is a byproduct of the oil and gas industry that is used in the manufacturing of many valuable products.

Canadian regulations require energy producers to recover and conserve as much elemental sulphur as possible during the processing of sour gas, which takes place at gas plants and in-situ facilities.

Canada is one of the world’s top sulphur producers and exporters. However, a global supply excess has forced companies to implement expensive sulphur storage processes.

Repurposing Canada's Excess Sulphur

Vista Projects has partnered with MARBET® WIL, a Polish environmental service company, to engineer sulphur polymer production facilities in Canada.

Together, we aim to create Canadian jobs while contributing to the local circular economy with this ecological and innovative solution for Canada’s excess sulphur.

The Songa Flama, a bulk carrier ship registered in the Cayman Islands, loads from the sulfur pile in Vancouver, Canada`s shipping terminal on March 15, 2018.

“MARBET® WIL's technology will enable companies to use surplus sulphur in many beneficial ways. These uses range from treating hazardous waste materials and reducing landfill costs, to producing a safe product that can be used to improve durability and replace higher-cost materials in Canadian infrastructure.”

Advanced Sulphur Polymer Technology

Compared to traditional sulphur polymer technologies, MARBET® WIL’s patented process: 

Vista has exclusivity in Canada over the engineering design services for production facilities that license MARBET® WIL’s technology. Once a facility is constructed using Vista’s engineering, the asset owners will be able to use Canadian sulphur to locally produce Sultech®, Sulstar®, and SulstarDA®

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innovations for environmental protection


Transform hazardous waste into a useful and safe product.


sulphur polymer production technology


Unique technology to convert Canada’s excess sulphur into ports, roads, and railways.

Sulstar DA®

innovations in road construction

Sulstar DA®

Lower construction costs and improve road performance.

Generate New Revenue with Sulphur in the Circular Economy

Opportunities to generate new revenue with sulphur in the Canadian circular economy exist for:

  • asphalt producers
  • concrete producers
  • industrial waste management companies

Contact us today about licensing MARBET® WIL’s sulphur polymer technology in a Vista-engineered facility.


Founded in 2001, MARBET® WIL is the only company in the world with technology to enable the transformation of solid or liquid sulphur into SULSTAR sulphur binder.

Sulphur binder has more applications than traditional Portland cement. Sulstar can be:
  • a binder in sulphur-concretes
  • an additive substituting a part of the blacktop in asphalt
  • a substance forming protective coating on concrete surfaces
The technology is protected by Canadian and international patents.

FAQ - Sulphur Polymer

Paving asphalt comprises 1-2% Sulstar AD, depending on the asphalt grade. Formulation details are proprietary and unique to the MARBET® WIL process.

Yes, Sulstar is made from elemental sulphur, however, it is stabilized by chemical agents at temperature to ensure the sulphur remains in its polymerized form.

Elemental sulphur is heated and, subsequently, blended with chemical modifiers before being cooled and pelletized using a cold-forming process.

Currently, MARBET® WIL sulphur products are made at their factory in Gliwice, Poland. In the near term, trials will require products to be shipped from Europe. Long-term plans are to build a facility in North America to allow businesses to source local feedstock.

Vista is currently looking for sulphur producers or marketers to build a production facility for MARBET® WIL's patented products.

Sulstar/Sultech can either be transported in bulk or in chemical super sacks. Methods will depend on the size of the order and the location of the application.

In Canada, companies recover sulphur during the processing of sour natural gas. This process occurs at gas plants and in-situ heavy oil production facilities. To recover sulphur, companies must receive regulatory approval and are required to conserve as much sulphur as practical.

Sulphur is a natural resource used in the manufacturing of fertilizers, paper, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, steel, and many other products. Sulphur is also used to produce sulphuric acid, which is one of the most used chemicals in the world. 

There are many applications that Sulstar and Sultech can be applied to. Modified asphalt, paving slabs, curbs, counterweights, railway sleepers, harbour and sea wall fortification, cement tanks, concrete partition walls, and the management of industrial waste. 

Yes, MARBET® WIL holds patents in the gulf countries, Iran, USA, Canada, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

The initial facility is anticipated to be between 5-10 Tons/day.

MARBET® WIL products come in granular or pelletized form to allow for practical material handling designs.