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Professional Estimating Services

Vista Projects’ engineering services encompass professional estimating services that provide everything owners and builders of industrial energy assets require to reliably develop and manage cost estimates.

Estimate Development

As part of Vista Projects’ integrated Project Services department, our professional estimators understand that an accurate and dependable estimate is a critical element to the success of any project. Our robust estimating methodology is based on decades of integrated engineering project experience and offers the advantage of both our significant cost database and our expertise with digital execution architecture. This methodology allows Vista Projects to produce quality estimates quicker and with more confidence in the underlying data.Professional Estimating Services Vista Projects’ professional estimating capabilities include:

  • Class 5 and Class 4 conceptual estimates for project screening and technology selection
  • Class 3 detailed estimates to support project funding and final investment decision (FID)

Our estimating team assumes several responsibilities to support estimate development:

  • Works closely with the engineering disciplines and project team to ensure all project scope is captured and that the provided material take-off (MTO) is complete and in a format to ensure quick estimate development.
  • Consults with the client and project team to develop a logical work breakdown structure (WBS) for the estimate.
  • Works with the client to either develop a code-of-accounts (COAs) or implement an existing COAs.
  • Clearly identifies and documents all risks that may significantly impact the project’s outcome.
  • Clearly identifies and documents all opportunities that could help in the project’s success.
  • Provides a detailed and comprehensive estimate basis that defines all processes, variables, methodologies, and assumptions used to develop the estimate.

Third-Party Estimate Reviews

In addition to estimate development, Vista Projects’ estimating team performs comprehensive third-party estimate reviews. Our cold eyes reviews provide clients with confidence that the estimate accurately reflects the defined scope of work and the level of engineering completed.

Activities to support third-party estimate reviews include:

  • Ensuring all project scope has been captured in the estimate.
  • Analyzing estimate processes, variables (e.g. labour rates, productivity factors, allowances), methodologies, and assumptions and ensure they are consistent with the class of estimate.
  • Comparing estimate costs to Vista Projects’ internal cost database, unit costs, and benchmarks.
  • Reviewing all risks and opportunities identified in the estimate basis.

Professional Estimating Services

Professional Estimating Support

Vista Projects’ professional estimating team also provides general estimating support to clients, including:

  • Developing standard estimating methodologies and COAs to ensure consistent quality and formats from different service providers.
  • Reviewing and evaluating contractor bids.
  • Reviewing construction requests for proposals (RFPs) to ensure all information has been provided in a format that is easy for potential contractors to evaluate. Developing a clear RFP package helps improve the quality and consistency of proposals received.
  • Reviewing unit rate construction contract documents, such as bill of approximate quantities (BOQs) or preambles, for consistency and accuracy.

Career Opportunities in Estimating

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