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Experienced Mechanical Engineering Consultants

In the fast-paced, technologically-driven world of today, the role of mechanical engineering consulting services cannot be overstated.

At Vista Projects, our engineering consulting services draw on over 38 years of industry expertise to provide exceptional mechanical engineering consulting services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to offering cost effective solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client.

By partnering with us, you can rest assured that you’re on the road to achieving tangible improvements and results in your engineering projects. Whether you are seeking to optimize existing systems or create new, efficient machinery, our high-caliber experts are here to guide you every step of the way.


How We Can Help

Successfully undertaking a mechanical and piping engineering project relies on effective planning, meticulous design, and redefining traditional methods. As an engineering consulting firm, we understand the intricacies that come with these projects and are well-equipped to support you in navigating them.

Our team of dedicated professionals brings a wealth of varieties of industries experience and practical knowledge to the table. They are specialists in areas such as plant system designing, production optimization, debottlenecking or upgrading plant system, and compliance with recent industry standards. We go to great lengths to ensure your needs are met, and that your project is carried out with the utmost precision and optimum cost.

We offer consulting for all aspects of mechanical engineering including:

  • Mechanical and piping systems and material diagram and equipment selection, sizing, and evaluation
  • Equipment drawings, P&IDs,general arrangement drawings, piping, and equipment module drawings
  • Equipment work packages (EWPs)

  • Equipment datasheets and specifications
  • Material requisitions (MRQs), technical bid evaluations (TBEs), and purchase orders (POs) for equipment and services
  • Vendor drawing reviews following applicable codes and standards
  • Research scale pilot plants for sustainable energy and emission recovery projects
  • Review and revise customer’s specification for code compliance, optimizations and to match with the developed technologies
  • Wellsite equipment and piping modules
  •  Enhanced oil recovery systems
  •  Modularization of plant equipment and piping
  • Tank farm and terminal design and debottlenecking
  • Oil and gas gathering, transmission and distribution pipelines
  • Pipeline pigging facilities
  • Chemical Storage and handling facilities
  • Support for regulatory applications- new facility and existing facility upgrades
  • Professional Engineering expert witness services
  • Technical studies, planning, engineering, design and construction support
  •  Owners engineering support

Material Handling System Design

  • Pneumatic conveying (dense, dilute, positive and negative)
  • Mechanical conveying, weighing, feeding and blending
  • Bulk receiving and loadout (truck and rail)
  • Storage, reclamation, silos, bins, etc.
  • Chutes, spouts, and ductwork

Utility System Design

  • Boilers, Heat recovery steam generators, OTSG,
  • Furnaces, process heaters, industrial preheaters, and ovens,
  •  Flare stacks, ground flares and thermal oxidizers
  • Code gap analysis and upgrade of existing fired equipment for CSA B149.3 compliance
  • Steam generation, distribution, and condensate collection systems
  • Brackish and Boiler Water treatment systems
  • Wastewater treatment, recycle and disposal system
  • Captive power and steam generation plants
  • Emergency power generation plant and its infrastructure
  • Natural Gas, Process Gas and Air Compressor systems
  • Heat exchangers and air coolers
  • Industrial Building HVAC systems
  • Cooling and Chilled water systems
  • Vacuum and dust control systems
  • Fire suppression systems- fire pumps, sprinklers, standpipe and foam systems

Mechanical Design and Analysis

  •     Specialty machine and mechanism analysis
  •     Design and improvement
  •     Finite element analysis
  •     Thermal stress analysis
  •     Piping stress analysis
  •     Hydraulic power unit

Mechanical Engineering Project Highlight

Vista Projects was tasked by a client to reinvent the conventional engineering design basis for well pads.

Vista Projects Senior Management Team

Why Choose Us

Choosing Vista Projects for your mechanical engineering consulting needs brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your business. With over 1,400 projects completed worldwide, our global experience ensures we can handle any challenge. We bring over 38 years of experience in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), affirming our competency in all aspects of mechanical engineering.

At the heart of our services lies a focus on utilizing advanced technology, maintaining flexibility to adapt to your needs, and delivering responsive solutions for improved outcomes. Our proven track record in consistently delivering quality engineering and consulting services makes us the go-to choice for businesses seeking top-tier mechanical engineering consultation.

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Take the first step towards a successful project by scheduling a consultation with our expert mechanical engineering consultants. It’s an opportunity to gain insight into your project and understand how Vista Projects can add value. 

Let us demonstrate how our expertise can help you fulfill specific mechanical engineering needs safely, efficiently, and effectively.

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