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Unveiling the unseen – ensuring safety and reliability through expert forensic engineering analysis

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When unexpected failures or incidents occur, understanding the root cause is vital to improve safety and prevent it from recurring. That’s where our forensic engineering consulting services play a pivotal role.

At Vista Projects, we offer comprehensive forensic engineering consulting, combining our expertise in engineering principles with a keen understanding of failure mechanisms. With over 38 years of experience in multifaceted engineering projects, our dedicated team of professionals provides proven expertise to help clients navigate through complex industrial challenges.

Our forensic engineering consulting services are designed to add significant value to your operations, enhancing safety, improving reliability, and offering robust solutions to engineering predicaments.

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How We Can Help

At Vista Projects, our forensic engineering consulting services are tailored to assist businesses in analyzing, evaluating, and overcoming their engineering challenges.

With our extensive experience and technical knowledge, we can help you uncover the causes behind engineering failures, prevent future incidents, and enhance the overall safety and reliability of your systems.

Our consulting services cover a broad spectrum of forensic engineering, including:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Structural Analysis
  • Materials Testing (facilitation)
  • Evidence Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Report Writing
  • Expert Testimony
  • Safety Audits
  • Remedial Design
  • Code Compliance Verification
  • Risk Assessment


Whether it’s identifying the root cause of an accident, assessing the robustness of the system design, or delivering expert testimony during legal proceedings, we have the skills and competence to guide you through every step.

Your specific needs and goals stand as our primary focus, ensuring that we deliver tailor-made solutions that align with your objectives.

Incident Investigation

In the unfortunate event of an industrial incident, Vista Projects can guide you through a thorough investigation. Our knowledgeable team reduces complexity by determining what went wrong and why, aiding you in implementing corrective strategies to mitigate recurrence and enhance system safety.

Litigation Support

Legal disputes related to engineering failures require expert testimony to substantiate claims and counter-claims. Vista Projects provides the necessary litigation support, offering credible expert opinions backed by thorough investigation and analysis. We stand by you in your pursuit of justice.

Safety Evaluation

Ensuring the safety of your operations is critical. At Vista Projects, we offer comprehensive safety evaluations, examining your processes and facilities through the lens of forensic engineering. This allows us to identify potential safety issues and propose pertinent solutions, contributing to a more secure work environment.

Design Review

Your design plans are central to the success of your operations. Vista Projects aids in evaluating these plans by providing expert design reviews. Through a forensic engineering perspective, we inspect the safety and reliability aspects of your design, helping identify potential vulnerabilities to enhance operational robustness.

Risk Assessment

Identifying potential risks is crucial in any operation. At Vista Projects, our forensic engineering team can carry out comprehensive risk assessments, pinpointing areas prone to failure in your assets and operations. This enables you to mitigate risks proactively, enhancing the overall resilience of your setup. Examples include:


  • FMEA
  • RAM
  • SIL
  • LOPA

Construction Disputes

Construction projects can occasionally lead to disputes due to variances in interpretation of design, discrepancies with material take-offs, perceived quality of work, or differing understandings of contractual obligations. Vista Projects can step in during such instances, providing a forensic engineering perspective to investigate and provide an expert opinion that can help resolve conflicts swiftly and fairly.

Repair Recommendations

In the aftermath of a failure, deciding the right course of repair and preventive action can be challenging. At Vista Projects, we provide reparative recommendations backed by in-depth forensic analysis. Our valuable insights can guide your repair initiatives, improving component lifespan and preventing future complications.

Insurance Claims

After a failure or industrial accident, navigating insurance claims can be complex. Vista Projects can assist with this process, providing detailed forensic engineering analysis to support your claim. Our involvement can help ensure fair settlement and ease the negotiation process with insurance adjusters.

Code Compliance

Guaranteeing that all your operations meet relevant safety and industry standards is a necessity in today’s competitive environment. Vista Projects helps you achieve this by providing code compliance verification services based on forensic engineering principles, ensuring your business aligns with all the necessary regulations and guidelines.

Condition Assessment

For efficient maintenance and upgrade plans, a comprehensive condition assessment of your infrastructure is essential. Vista Projects offers its services in assessing current conditions, identifying potential future issues, and proposing timely maintenance schedules. We ensure uninterrupted operation and optimal performance of your infrastructure.

Asset Recovery

A disaster’s aftermath can be chaotic, with the true extent of damage often hard to determine. Vista Projects’ forensic engineering team is well-equipped to help in such scenarios, providing an accurate assessment of damage and devising an efficient plan for asset recovery. We support you in bringing operations back to normalcy with minimal disruption.

Materials Selection

Choosing the right materials can make a significant difference in the success of your operations. At Vista Projects, we offer materials selection services, leveraging our engineering expertise.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Investing in safety measures and structural improvements requires understanding their economic implications. At Vista Projects, we provide detailed cost-benefit analyses using forensic engineering principles. We help you determine the economic feasibility of proposed enhancements, ensuring that your investments contribute to safer and more reliable operations.

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Why Choose Us

Choosing Vista Projects as your forensic engineering consultant comes with distinct advantages. With over 1,400 projects completed across the globe, we offer a wealth of worldwide experience in tackling engineering challenges. Our 38 years of experience focusing on engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) lends us a comprehensive understanding of complexities in the industry.

At Vista Projects, we prioritize technology, flexibility, and responsiveness, aligning our services to meet your unique needs swiftly and effectively. Moreover, our track record speaks volumes about our consistent delivery of quality engineering and consulting services. When you partner with us, you choose a commitment to excellence, reliable solutions, and unwavering support through your engineering journey.

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