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Vista Projects is a multi-discipline engineering and system integration firm that simplifies the digital transformation of industrial assets for clients. A leader in data-centric, single-source-of-truth project execution architecture, we’re known for engineering some of the most cost-effective processing facilities in North America.

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Executive Notes About Vista

Vista Projects…

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What People Appreciate

  • Stability: 35-year track record
  • Dependability: employee-ownership, long-term relationships
  • Scalability: flexible operations and resourcing
  • Quality: ISO-certified Quality Management System

Experience You Can Count On

  • 1,000+ projects, some of the most successful processing facilities in North America
  • 500,000 BPD greenfield production
  • 25% of Canadian in-situ production
  • 1M BPD of produced water treatment
  • $30B total installation cost (TIC)

What You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Our obsession with data architecture and digital transformation is not something you’ll likely find with other engineering consulting companies.

It guides the development of our unique data-centric approach. This enables us to more efficiently execute your projects and manage your assets over the long-term. We call it truth-based industrial engineering, and it benefits you in many ways:

  • increased transparency
  • improved collaboration
  • automated quality checks
Engineering experts having a work meeting at Vista's office
Jennifer Gray and Ray Akl have both worked with Vista since the early 2000s.

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The following topics are areas of interest and beliefs that we typically have in common with clients.

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Digital Transformation

We get it. Change can be complicated.

But as the saying goes…

The to success is often the ability to adapt

And this is what digital transformation is all about: adapting assets for the modern era to ensure success.

As a professional working with owners and operators of largescale infrastructure assets, you likely face many new external and internal challenges. In competitive global markets, the focus on cost and project execution efficiency is greater than ever before.

The pressure to perform is real and you know you need to adapt to succeed. Well, Vista has the tools and proven system to help simplify the digital transformation of your assets.

The World Needs Infrastructure

If you’re like us, you believe the world needs infrastructure projects. You may also believe that there is an opportunity for the industrial sector to get better at developing and managing assets.

Think about how you consumed information 20 or 30 years ago. It is very different from how you consume information today. The next generation of workers has never experienced an analog version of our world. Naturally, they are joining the workforce expecting a mobile-friendly, on-demand work environment.

modern news consumption compared to traditional news consumption

Yet, many industrial infrastructure projects are developed under a traditional, document-centric execution model. This traditional model is inefficient and leads to errors. Rework is unfortunately commonplace in industrial infrastructure projects.

It’s a widely accepted trend that capital projects will cost more than initially expected. There is $1.6 trillion wasted annually on capital project inefficiencies! This is an estimate from a 2017 McKinsey & Company report, “Reinventing Construction: A Route To Higher Productivity”.

You know this trend can’t continue.

Thankfully, there is a better way to manage your projects and assets…

Truth-Based Industrial Engineering

For the past several years, we have developed a specialized data-centric approach to engineering. Our execution model centralizes all project information in a single-source-of-truth (SSOT) environment. This gives all stakeholders on-demand access to the trustworthy information you need to make informed decisions about your assets.

Vista's Scott Mussbacher at his office desk. Scott leads Vista's Data Architecture business unit.
Scott Mussbacher leads Vista’s Data Architecture business unit.

Our truth-based industrial engineering execution model applies across a wide range of markets, including:

Trust Is Earned

Our integrated engineering solutions have grown and adapted significantly over the last three decades. But our core values and approach remain the same.

We maintain our flexible and cooperative approach to managing our clients’ projects and assets. What matters most is getting you the best results. Whether it’s with a single, authoritative source of truth execution model or through a traditional approach.

Our focus on delivering high-quality, fit-for-purpose designs has earned our reputation as a trusted leader in facilities engineering.

We would love to earn your trust too.

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