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Truth-Based Industrial Engineering

Simplify the digital transformation of your infrastructure assets.

Vista’s truth-based industrial engineering is a forward-thinking approach to managing assets and projects. Our customized digital project execution model provides on-demand access to accurate and verifiable information about your asset.

By structuring data in a single source of truth (SSOT) environment, our system connects all project stakeholders in a digital data portal that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

While there are many benefits to our specialized use of data-centric architecture, we like to organize them in three main categories: transparencycollaboration and quality.

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Make Informed Decisions About Your Asset

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you truly have your finger on the pulse of a project.

When we work with a single, authoritative source of truth, we make important decisions about projects and assets based on data that is…

Focus on What Matters Most

By sharing a common database and collaborating in real-time, project stakeholders can focus on solving problems together. This is a big shift from a traditional, document-centric execution model. 

Instead of waiting on documents to make decisions, engineering disciplines, vendors and owner representatives use on-demand access to the latest, most accurate information to:

  • shorten schedules
  • solve problems, and
  • optimize designs

Over the course of a project, this solution focused approach leads to more informed decisions, fewer errors, less rework and a lower total installed cost (TIC).

Now multiple these project savings throughout the asset’s entire life-cycle. The savings add up and can lead to significant reductions in an asset’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

Quality Automation

Yes, it’s true.

Quality actions really can be automated.

With Vista’s truth-based industrial engineering, you can improve quality without increasing schedule or cost!

It starts with organizing project information within a single, authoritative source of truth environment. This allows for automated data aggregation and, at the same time, creates a reliable audit trail so you can easily keep track of who did what and when. 

All the information you need to know about an asset can be a few clicks away in the technical data portal. And people can focus their time on higher value tasks that lead to a higher quality product. 

Spending less time on lower value tasks and having complete trust in the project data leads to an accumulation of efficiencies and cost savings.

Automated quality improvements are just one of the many benefits Vista’s truth-based industrial engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is truth-based industrial engineering?

Vista’s truth-based industrial engineering refers to a specialized data-centric execution model that organizes all data – engineering, vendors, fabricators, operations, etc., – in a technical data portal. The secure, cloud-hosted portal creates a single, authoritative source of truth about projects and assets, and is accessible to all current and future stakeholders.

What is single source of truth?

In the field of data architecture, single source of truth (SSOT) describes the structuring of information systems in a way that enables each data element to be stored and accessed in only one instance. SSOT systems eliminate data duplication and lead to data that is more accurate, reliable and certain.

What is an authoritative source of truth?

Like SSOT, in the field of data architecture, an authoritative source of truth (ASOT) describes a centralized system – or digital environment – for organizing data that ensures the singularity, validity and credibility of digital entities. ASOT systems ensure the data quality across all stakeholders throughout the life of the asset.

What is a technical data portal?

A technical data portal – also known as a digital project hub – is the web interface where stakeholders store, edit, and view data about an asset. Technical data portals aggregate information from multiple software applications, ensuring a seamless integration and data analysis. The technical data portal is powered by a software application that requires user licenses to access.

Is this solution only for greenfield projects?

No, Vista’s truth-based industrial engineering can have many benefits for both brownfield and greenfield projects. A data-centric execution model applies to all types of projects and assets.


However, additional one-time implementation work will likely be required for an existing asset that was developed under a traditional, document-centric execution model. Once the single, authoritative source of truth is established in a technical data portal, it carries forward throughout the asset’s lifecycle.

How much does truth-based industrial engineering cost?

The cost of implementing a truth-based approach depends on the details of the project and asset. That said, we generally find that there are opportunities to reallocate budget from traditional spending areas in order to cover the costs of a data-centric execution model.

How big of a learning curve will there be?

As with any new software application or project execution approach, it can take time for team members to learn the systems and feel comfortable in their daily routines. We recommend going at a pace that works for your organization and implementing a truth-based approach in phases. Contact us today to discuss the various integration opportunities.

What types of projects can benefit from this execution model?

Vista’s truth-based industrial engineering is available to a variety of clients and assets across all the industrial markets we serve. We find that the condensed project timelines and automated quality actions are particularly useful for assets with new technology where the ability to perform rapid design iterations is extremely valuable. But really, any infrastructure asset with a life expectancy of more than 5 years can benefit from our data-centric execution model.

What does total installed cost (TIC) mean?

The total installed cost (TIC) is the investment required by the asset owner to design and construct a project. TIC is a metric used for both greenfield projects (i.e. building a new facility) and brownfield projects (i.e. upgrading or debottlenecking projects on existing facilities). Costs incurred after the project is completed and in operation are not typically included in the TIC.

What does total cost of ownership mean?

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is the total investment required from the owner over the entire life of the asset, for however long the asset is owned. TCO can be thought of as the sum of all project TIC over the span of the asset’s life, which can be upwards of 25 years. Owners can realize significant cost savings by considering TCO implications from the onset of an asset.

Digitally Transform Your Assets

Are you interested in making more informed decisions about your asset or project? 

Do you value transparency, collaboration and quality from vendors and contractors?

Are you tired of not having instant access to the latest information about your assets?

Our truth-based industrial engineering is a proven project execution model that simplifies the digital transformation of your infrastructure assets.

With on-demand access to authoritative data, your operations and project teams can make more informed decisions, shorten schedules, increase efficiency, avoid rework, and improve quality.

Reach out today to start a conversation about how we can implement a single, authoritative source of truth execution strategy to simplify the digital transformation of your infrastructure assets.

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