Structural Engineering

Discover Vista Projects’ Structural Engineering Services and partner with us to achieve innovative solutions, operational efficiency and project success.

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Avoid costly rework and stay on schedule with our flexible structural engineering consulting services.

Multi-Discipline Engineering

The structural team is a core part of our multi-discipline engineering services. Our structural engineering consultants have a wide range of experience with industrial designs for small and large construction projects.

Design and construction go hand-in-hand. Benefit from structural engineering designs that focus on safety, constructability, and ease of installation. Our experience includes optimally modularized building systems, which helps to reduce work in the field, lower costs, and improve safety.

The structural team’s responsibilities include the preparation of loading and load combinations based on the applicable codes and standards. The Structural team also coordinates shop-drawing reviews for structural adequacy and accordance with issued for construction (IFC) structural drawings.

Structural Engineering Services

Discover Vista Projects’ Structural Engineering Services, tailored to your industry. Partner with us for innovative solutions, operational efficiency, and project success.

Vista Projects is a consulting engineering firm that offers cost-effective structural engineering designs as part of its comprehensive engineering services to owners and operators in traditional and emerging energy markets.

Structural Design

Structural design of industrial structures such as process buildings, electrical buildings, piperack modules, packaged equipment modules, bridges and platforms based on applicable codes and standards.

Examples include steel structures, concrete structures, steel buildings and related element designs. 

Structural 3D model

Structural 3D model analysis and calculation preparation.

Dynamic analysis of equipment foundation

Vista Projects can provide the design of foundation systems to support vibrating equipment by carrying out dynamic analysis. Some equipment, such as compressors and turbine generators, causes large vibrations that the supporting foundation and surrounding soil parameters need to be properly analyzed to avoid failure of the foundation.

Work Packages

Preparation of engineering work packages, bill of materials and cost estimates for the structural bids and proposals.

Expert Reviews

Expert reviews of shop drawings for structural adequacy and accordance with issued for construction (IFC) structural drawings.

Verification and assessment

Structural verification and assessment of existing structures to determine reliability and code compliance.


Preparation of RFQ and PO for all structural scope.

Structural Engineering and Design Programs

Experience You Can Count On

  • Strategic Expertise

    Vista Projects' team brings years of strategic knowledge in the industrial services sector.

  • Innovative Solutions

    With a focus on innovation, Vista Projects' team can provide cutting-edge engineering solutions that can greatly enhance operational efficiency.

  • IProject Success Assurance

    With their project management excellence, Vista Projects can ensure the success of major projects.

  • High Return on Investment

    Vista Projects' tailored solutions and strategic advice can help maximize efficiency and profits.

  • Cost-Effective Services

    Vista Projects' team is adept at finding the balance between quality and cost, ensuring the highest value for money.

  • Industry-Leading Practices

    Vista Projects' team stays current with all industry best practices and is constantly innovating, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

Quality is Everything

It’s not just about delivering high-quality civil engineering designs – that’s a given. 

At the end of the day, engineering services are really about transparency, collaboration, and relationships. You want a partner you can trust to keep your project on budget and schedule.

We want clients to return because you see the quality of our relationship as much as the quality of the design. 

Delivering Projects
On-Budget and On-Time

Vista Projects’ team of structural engineering focus exclusively on providing high-quality, fit-for-purpose engineering services that keep your structural engineering projects on budget.

  • Cost-effective structural engineering designs that meet the long-term demands of your assets
  • Fit-for-purpose structural engineering solutions that can save your project millions of dollars
  • Structural engineering decisions based on leading instead of lagging indicators – keeping you on schedule


Our structural engineers have worked on a variety of technical projects in multiple markets including:

Highlighted Projects

Vista Projects’ team of structural engineers – alongside other disciplines – performed the detailed engineering design of well pads and pipelines at Petrobank’s toe-to-heel air injection (THAI) facility and achieved positive outcomes for the client.

Structural Engineering
with a Purpose

It’s easy to get distracted by fancy new engineering technology. But it’s important to keep the focus on how each tool will benefit the project.

We’re a technology-agnostic engineering company and system integrator. That means we can deliver high-quality engineering services with your preferred software or tools.

Learn how we collaborate in real-time on structural engineering challenges with industry-leading software.

See how we collaborate on P&ID's in real-time
to enhance project success

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