Petroleum Bulk Storage Facility
Distribution Strategy Study


Vista completed a study to provide recommendations on strategic locations and costs related to petroleum bulk storage facilities for Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). As part of its mandate to enhance the responsible development, competitiveness, and use of Canada’s natural resources, NRCAN was considering a new oil storage and distribution strategy.


Government of Canada

Project facility

A study to provide recommendations
 related to petroleum bulk storage facilities.


NRCAN needed an expert-level engineering consulting partner to provide
 recommendations on strategic locations and costs of facilities in order to aid the
 Canadian government in developing a new petroleum bulk storage and distribution strategy.



In total, Vista developed six scenarios with facility capacities at 5, 15 and 30 million barrels of total crude storage.

The scenarios ranged from a single 5-million-barrel tank farm in eastern Canada to multiple facilities spread across the nation. Total installed costs ranged from $600 Million to $3,916 Million (Class V) depending on how much storage was needed and the location.

The costs accounted for refined petroleum product storage and the infrastructure (i.e. Marine/Rail Terminals) required to move crude to world markets.
mechanical engineers in a Vista boardroom

Success Factors

Vista was able to assign a highly effective team of petroleum engineering specialists with over 80 years of combined experience to offer insight based on an advanced understanding of market conditions and trends. Engineering studies have been a key part of Vista’s integrated engineering service offering for more than 30 years.

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