How to Use EXCEL VBA to Automatically Save Data into PO Table


Once you have inserted all the values in the PO Form, and you are now ready to print or send it to your supplier as PDF, you might want to save all the information in the PO form. As opposed to having a hard copy of the PO, a digital record in a table is recommended for faster retrieval of data and analysis. However, without VBA, you would have to copy and paste the data inside your PO database each time you want to save the data.

With VBA, you can write a MACRO script that automatically saves the data inside the table at the click of a button. Although I don’t go into detail on the inner workings of the code, I explain the logic behind the code while executing each line of code. For those who are familiar with VBA, I have attached the code for you.

Watch the video below as I execute the code line-by-line while explaining the logic behind the statements.

Video demonstration: How to use Excel MACROS to Save Data 

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