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    Tracking Technology Improving Oil Sands in New Ways

    Tracking Technology Leads to Improved Worker Safety and Productivity Companies have used electronic tracking technology to monitor workers at remote oil sands facilities for years now. Beginning in spring of 2015, Shell added GPS tracking for workers and required approximately 1,500 contractors and employees to wear tracking devices. The small wearable devices provide GPS location […]

    Digital Project Execution = the Future of Oilsands Engineering

    Want to learn about digital project execution? November’s Oilsands Review includes an exclusive interview with Patrick Reilly, Managing Principal and technology integration specialist at Vista Projects. In the article, author Jim Mahony summarizes Patrick’s perspective on costly project execution challenges facing Alberta’s energy industry and how the oilpatch is playing a game of catch up on the digitalization […]

    Intergraph Canada Users Conference 2016 (ICAN) Hits Calgary

    The Intergraph Canada Users Conference 2016 (ICAN) takes place November 2, 2016 at The Metropolitan Conference Centre in Calgary. Highlights include keynote speakers from Intergraph PP&M; networking opportunities; breakout sessions led by professionals in your industry, and an exciting Tech Expo you don’t want to miss! Intergraph Canada Users Conference 2016 Agenda Tracks The agenda for this […]

    Oil Sands Alliance Touts Environmental Innovations

    Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) held its fourth annual performance update today. The presentation, which was available as a live stream through COSIA’s website, focused on oil sands producers’ environmental technologies and innovations. COSIA CEO Dan Wicklum says its member companies “are pushing the paradigm of sharing technology further than any other sector in the […]

    Breakthrough Solvent Tech Promises Benefits for Oil Sands

    New oil sands technology using solvents injected with steam into bitumen reservoirs can improve the economics of Alberta’s oil production, reports a story in the Financial Post. Major oil sands companies are exploring ways to use chemical solvents to produce more oil while using less water and creating fewer emissions. The new process, known as […]

    4 Ways to Engineer Lower Oil Sands Project Costs

    World Heavy Oil Congress We’re pleased to announce Project Manager Patrick Reilly will give a technical presentation at the upcoming World Heavy Oil Congress on how Vista successfully completed the oil sands industry’s largest and most comprehensive implementation of a digital engineering environment. The 30-minute presentation will include an overview of the results achieved by Vista on […]

    Explore the Future of Energy at the Global Petroleum Show

    The annual Global Petroleum Show (GPS) kicks off today at the Calgary’s Stampede Park and runs until Thursday, June 9. According to an article in the Calgary Sun, this year’s show is substantial ‘greener’ than years past – an indication of the shift in the energy sector. While oil and gas exhibits continue to form the foundation […]

    Energy Industry Increasingly a Target of Cyber Attacks

    An recent article in Alberta Venture discusses the increasing risk of cyber attacks on oil and gas companies. According to the article, it is well understood that as more pieces of key oil and gas infrastructure are connected to the Internet of Things, risks to these companies are real and growing. For example, the industrial control […]