Quality Assurance

Vista is a proud ISO 9001:2015 registered company. Our quality management system (QMS) facilitates the effective planning and execution of our work. The QMS is flexible enough to accommodate projects of all sizes.

quality assurance engineering jobsAt Vista, quality is a responsibility everyone takes seriously. Our senior management team ensures the QMS is consistently applied across the organization and fosters a quality culture that values input and innovative ideas.

Internal audits focus on our processes and help us continuously improve.

To support quality assurance at the project level:

  • We assign a dedicated quality assurance coordinator to each Vista project team to ensure that client-specific requirements are understood and communicated to the team members.
  • If required, we develop a project quality plan to assist in communicating specific requirements to the team and to support the project execution plan.
  • We also create a project-specific audit schedule, taking into consideration the duration and complexity of the project. The audit results are shared with the project team and become part of the corporate quality review and planning strategy.

Quality Mission Statement

ISO 9001 logoVista, an employee-owned company, is a trustworthy source for engineering and project management expertise in the oil & gas industry. We provide value-added, innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions for our clients.

Our ISO 9001 registered quality management system (QMS) is the foundation for consistent and efficient project execution. We embrace a culture of quality, safety and continuous improvement through employee development and empowerment.

Developing safe, high quality, economically constructible designs is our first priority.

Career Opportunities in Quality Assurance

We are always looking for great candidates. Please click here to learn more about what a Quality Assurance job with Vista entails and to join our candidate network.

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