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Gain Complete Transparency

A digitally transformed asset has nothing to hide. All its information is available in real-time. This allows you to make more informed decisions.

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Better Data = Better Decisions

Digital Transformation Success Factors

You’re not alone if you need help figuring out the best way to digitally transform your assets and organization. We’ve spent years optimizing our process for different clients and projects. Focusing on these success factors will keep your digital transformation on track.

The Right Tools

No one tool or single software can fully equip your engineering team for digital collaboration. We'll help you integrate CAD programs with secure cloud storage, video conferencing and digital mark-ups.

Proper Process

From online squad checks and remote HAZMAT sessions to materials management and reporting, iterative designs and digital stamping, we can help you find the most efficient workflow for your teams.

Team Buy-In

Digital workflows and remote collaboration will be new concepts to many team members. Change is easily resisted, but you can't let this slow you down. We've been through it and can provide advice on how to get everyone working together.

Your Technical Data Portal
& Digital Project Ecosystem

The Technical Data Portal is the hub of your remote collaboration. It is a technology agnostic portal that provides a single source of truth about your asset. This secure, cloud-hosted database is accessible to all project stakeholders from anywhere with an internet connection.

Everyone from Document Control and Engineering to Fabrication and Operations access everything they need to know about the project or asset in real-time. On-demand access to accurate and verifiable information enhances collaboration and allows a greater team collaboration. Instead of spending their valuable time organizing data, your best and brightest minds can focus on solving problems.

Start Transforming Your Industrial Infrastructure Assets Today!

Our first data-centric implementation on a major capital project was in 2014. At the time, it was the most comprehensive use of a single-source-of-truth model in North America’s infrastructure sector. Through front-end engineering design (FEED), the client realized a 15% cost reduction. We have spent the last six years refining our system to achieve even greater results.  

But these achievements did not come without challenges. Simplify digital transformation by putting our experience to work for your asset. Our experts will help identify gaps in your process and share best practices to optimize results. And we’ll show you how to deploy integrated communications across project services, engineering and client teams.

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Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation with Our Expertise