Vista Employee Leads Successful Fundraiser

Lexi live streamed her gaming marathon online. Here she takes a break to strike a pose similar to the character in the game.

Vista mechanical engineer Lexi Wolkowski took part in a gaming marathon last weekend to raise money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

The campaign is called Extra Life and brings together gamers from all over Canada and the U.S. to raise money for their local Children’s Miracle Network hospital. The Extra Life Calgary Guild has raised $123,000 (and growing) for the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

As President of the Calgary Guild, Lexi works year round to raise campaign awareness, and this year she collected over $2,500 in donations herself.  She played for 25 hours straight starting on Saturday, took a two-hour nap and then played an additional 8 hours. Vista congratulates her on this extraordinary effort.

Donations can be made to the campaign until the end of December. Click here to find out more about Extra Life.



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