Trump Would Ask TransCanada to Reapply for Keystone XL, Says Campaign

TrumpIf he was elected president, Republican candidate Donald Trump would ask Calgary-based TransCanada Corp. to re-apply for a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, according to a policy statement released Monday by his campaign.

The pipeline project was cancelled as a result of President Barack Obama’s refusal to grant a permit, a decision which TransCanada maintains was politically driven. The pipeline company is recently filed a $15-billion NAFTA claim against the American government on those grounds. However, TransCanada says the project could be restarted, given that its agreements with landowners in affected areas remain valid.

Trump’s statement regarding Keystone XL was part of a package of economic policy highlights released after a major policy speech that did not specifically mention the Keystone pipeline. The statement comes amid ongoing concerns about pipeline capacity from Canada’s energy-producing regions and producers’ ability to bring their products to market.

For more information on the Trump statement, read this article on the CTV News website.

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