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    Thank Mother Earth for oil & gas

    This Earth Day, Forbes contributor David Blackmon asks that we thank Mother Earth for the many products derived from natural oil & gas resources that make our lives better and allow us to prosper.

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    He asks us to be thankful to our planet for:

    • “giving us the natural gas that heats millions of our homes, provides many gigawatts of abundant and affordable electricity, and cooks billions of meals around the planet each and every day;
    • the gasoline that powers your automobiles, the jet fuel that enables millions of Americans to travel to other cities, states and countries at a moment’s notice, the butane and propane that fuel millions of homes and outdoor grills, and the oil that lubricates the engines that power the world;
    • and the plastics – derived from petroleum products – that touch and improve our lives in a thousand different ways every day.”

    Blackmon writes that our ability as humans to use these natural resources has enabled us to construct our modern society in which we all live.

    “Oil and natural gas are an enduring part of the natural life cycle on planet Earth,” writes Blackmon. “On this and every Earth Day, that is worth taking a moment to remember and celebrate.”

    Click here to read the full article in Forbes.

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