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    Seven year Keystone XL saga comes to an end…for now.

    Following a seven-year review of the project, the proposed Keystone XL pipeline has been rejected by the Obama administration, reports CBC News.

    Russ Girling KeystoneXL
    TransCanada posted this photo on its Twitter account shortly after President Obama’s announcement regarding Keystone XL. Click the photo to see the full tweet.

    Citing the urgency of climate change action as a key reason for his decision, President Barack Obama said on Friday that Keystone “will not serve the national interests of the United States” and the U.S. economy would not gain any meaningful long-term contributions from this project.

    Russ Girling, TransCanada’s president and CEO, says that despite the rejection, “TransCanada and its shippers remain absolutely committed to building this important energy infrastructure project.” The company is reviewing its options, and following analysis of the stated rationale for the denial, will potentially “file a new application for border-crossing authority to ship our customer’s crude oil.”

    Michael Whatley of the Consumer Energy Alliance says that “this decision clearly flies in the face of volumes of scientific evidence that shows the Keystone XL pipeline would be safe, enhance environmental standards, and be a more cost-effective alternative to importing oil from overseas.”

    The seven year saga of Keystone XL may not have seen its final days, and it is expected that the decision will be challenged in court by backers of the pipeline. The project may also be revisited in 2017, should the Republicans win the White House.

    Click here to read the full article from CBC News.

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