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    Safety First – Wildfires Force Facility Evacuations

    Alberta forest fires map
    A map of Alberta shows the wildfires situation on May 26, 2015. Red pins indicate fires that are our of control, orange pins represent fires being held and yellow pins shows fires that are under control.

    As recently reported by the CBC, many operators, including Cenovus, MEG Energy and Statoil, have reduced production and evacuated workers from their central processing facilities (CPF) as a safety precaution to the wildfires in northern Alberta.

    There are currently over 70 fires across Alberta, 19 of which are burning out of control. Alberta government officials have identified a fire burning northwest of Cold Lake as a concern and estimate it to be about 17,500 hectares in size. To help visualize the severity of the situation, a single international-sized rugby field is approximately one hectare.

    CPFs are built far from neighboring tree lines and there are safety measures in place to ensure facilities won’t burn to the ground. For Cenovus, evacuation of its Foster Creek facility was a necessity because the fires threaten the only access road.

    These measures demonstrate our industry’s commitment to safety over production, especially in the present economic downturn.

    Click here for the full article on the CBC’s website.

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