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    Premier Rachel Notley Shows Support for Alberta’s “International Showpiece”

    At the third annual Stampede Investment Forum on July 7, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley delivered a message that signaled the new NDP government strongly supports oil sands development.Notley

    As reported in Context Magazine, Notley addressed a group of investors and industry executives, emphasizing the government’s determination to defend the advantage that Albertans have as a result of the many innovative solutions that have emerged to extract an unconventional resource. She states that “innovation is at the heart of Alberta industry and always has been”, adding that although this innovation is true of each industrial sector “…it’s the oil sands that have really emerged as our international showpiece.”

    Recognizing the uncertainty following the last election, Notley assured the audience that the she and her government “…are working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible, and bring as much economic stability as we can, while we implement our plans”, noting that these plans focus on growing prosperity and creating good jobs and “conditions that benefit every Albertan.”

    To read Premier Rachel Notley’s full speech, click here, and to read the full article in Context Magazineclick here.

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