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    Oil Sands Producers to Play Leading Role in Combating Climate Change

    A recent CAPP news release discusses the leadership role that oil sands producers are prepared to take in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is an issue that has gained global attention and requires action on a global scale in order to be managed.

    Photo courtesy of the Climate Change Guide
    Photo courtesy of the Climate Change Guide

    In addition to the more than one billion dollars currently invested in developing less GHG-intensive production technologies, since the 1990’s oil sands producers have focused on reducing emissions intensity – the GHG emissions per barrel of produced oil has been reduced by 30% since 1990. As Tim McMillan of CAPP says, “we developed the technology to get the oil out of the sand – and we are just as committed to getting our carbon out of the air.”

    McMillan also says broad-based policies that consider production and consumption of all individuals are required to effectively manage climate change. It is important to note that while oil sands producers are taking the lead on policy and technology, climate change is a global issue – an issue far greater than the oil sands – that requires everyone to take action.

    Click here to read the full news release from CAPP.

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