Oil Sands Alliance Touts Environmental Innovations

oil sands innovation Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) held its fourth annual performance update today. The presentation, which was available as a live stream through COSIA’s website, focused on oil sands producers’ environmental technologies and innovations.

COSIA CEO Dan Wicklum says its member companies “are pushing the paradigm of sharing technology further than any other sector in the world by coming together as collaborators in innovation to solve environmental problems.”

$1.33 Billion Spent on Oil Sands Innovation

In the four years since COSIA was founded, members have spent $1.33 billion on 936 technologies dedicated to lessening the impacts of oil sands operations on the environment. Oil sands producers share these innovations with each other, improving the industry’s overall environmental performance.

COSIA companies’ research falls into four focus areas: greenhouse gases, land, tailings and water. Examples of technologies in these areas range from “enhancing cogeneration of heat and power, to increasing waste heat recovery, and exploring new ways to accelerate reclamation of mine tailings,” according to Wicklum. The alliance presents its project portfolio on its website.

Competition Puts Carbon to Good Use

Of particular interest in today’s update was a keynote address from Paul Bunje of the XPRIZE Foundation. COSIA’s Carbon XPRIZE is a global competition to find ways to transform CO2 into useful products.

“The work and support of COSIA for the Carbon XPRIZE has meant that innovators from around the world have both a platform and the encouragement to attempt bold new feats of technological innovation,” says Bunje.

27 teams, including 9 from Canada, have reached the semi-finals in the US$20 million competition.

Learn More

To learn more about COSIA and its environmental initiatives, visit their website. You can also read this overview of the event from JWN Energy.

To read more about the Carbon XPRIZE, see this article.

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