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    Oil Respect Campaign Encourages Canadians to Stand-Up for Oil & Gas

    The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) recently announced the launch of Oil Respect, a campaign designed to encourage Canadians to voice their support for Canada’s oil and gas industry.oil_respect

    According to the campaign’s website, Oil Respect was developed to address the marginalization of the oil and gas sector occurring through government policy and increasingly in popular public sentiment. This is despite the fact that thousands of families across the country are struggling as a result of lost jobs in the resource development field – a sector that Canadians have long relied upon for their quality of life.

    The campaign’s main goals are:

    1. Educate those most impacted by the industry with facts and address misinformation
    2. Rally Canadians in support of the industry and help make their voices heard
    3. Stand-up for the industry through online petitions aimed at improving federal and provincial policies

    For more information about the campaign, or to find out about about an upcoming Oil Respect event, visit



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