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    New Study Examines Impact of Oil Sands Development

    The CERI study expects a significant growth in oil sands development and contribution to the Canadian economy.

    The Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) recently published a study on the economic impact of oil sands development in Canada for the next 25 years.

    Perhaps the biggest highlight is the projected $3.9 trillion that oil sands investment and operating revenues will add to the Canadian economy.

    Other highlights include:

    • Production levels expected to reach 5.2 million BPD by 2030
    • Oil sands related jobs in Canada forecasted to reach 802,000 by 2028
    • Cumulative royalties expected to exceed $600 billion over the next 25 years

    You can read the full report titled “Canadian Economic Impacts of New and Existing Oil Sands Development in Alberta” on CERI’s website

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