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    New Oil Sands Research Centre To Be Built in Southeast Calgary

    IMPERIAL OIL LIMITED - New oil sands research centre
    Digital rendering of Imperial’s new oil sands research centre in southeast Calgary, courtesy of CNW Group/Imperial Oil Limited.

    Imperial Oil Limited’s Calgary Research Centre is the birthplace of leading innovations in bitumen extraction technology. Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and cyclic steam-stimulation (CSS) both had their start at this facility in the University of Calgary’s Research Park. Today, Imperial announced its plan to build a second state-of-the-art research centre near its new headquarters in southeast Calgary.

    “Our new facility will house lab-scale experiments and specialized facilities to help expand knowledge, contribute to improving existing technologies, and continue our work on the safest and most efficient next-generation technologies for developing Canada’s vast oil sands resource,” says Rick Gallant, vice-president of oil sands development and research at Imperial.

    The new research centre will support Imperial’s pursuit of greener technologies including extraction methods that don’t rely on water and the use of electrical co-generation to cut carbon emissions during bitumen production.

    To see the official announcement, click here.

    To read more about industry-leading research visit Imperial’s website.



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