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    McMillan: The Canadian Energy Strategy supports “the primary driver of Canada’s economy”

    In a recent editorial from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), President and CEO Tim McMillan, discusses the importance of the newly developed Canadian Energy Strategy for the responsible development of our natural resources and for continued economic growth across Canada.

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    The recognition of the energy sector as “the primary driver of Canada’s economy” by leaders across all provinces and territories is a strategic milestone, according to McMillan. From this collective agreement, he infers that “Canada can and should help meet increasing global energy demand through the environmentally responsible development and transport of our natural resources to markets at home and abroad.”

    McMillan stresses that the Canadian Energy Strategy in no way replaces the responsibilities of the NEB, nor efforts to improve transportation safety and environmental performance. Rather, “the strategy offers a way to integrate that work and chart a more aligned, coherent path forward as Canada continues to be a global supplier of energy.” Furthermore, the strategy supports efforts to open new domestic and international markets and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

    Citing Quebec and Atlantic Canada as examples, McMillan states that the contributions by the energy sector are essential for supporting the high quality of life for Canadians. The Energy Strategy supports the continued, responsible growth of Canadian resources and according to McMillan, “it’s a collective vision we should all support.”

    To read the full commentary, click here.

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