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    Canadian Oil and Gas Supports Innovation and Technology

    The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) recently released this infographic to highlight the relationship between Canada’s oil and gas industry and innovation and technology that benefits both the industry and other sectors.

    Image courtesy of CAPP
    Image courtesy of CAPP

    The infographic illustrates the oil and gas industry’s contributions to science and academia, and is aimed at ensuring that Alberta’s Royalty Review panel is aware of these contributions. CAPP also stresses that it is important that the Alberta Royalty Review panel considers how the royalty system can support and encourage progress in innovation and technology.

    This week, the Royalty Review panel released a list of 11 principles focused on framing and informing the royalty review, and is seeking input from the public on which of the principles they consider to be the most significant. According to CAPP, “this is a comprehensive and well-balanced set of principles to work with” and they align closely with recommendations made to the panel.

    Visit the Let’s Talk Royalties website to review the principles and voice your opinion, and click here to visit the CAPP website.


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