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    Be Cool and Save on Fuel

    Did you know that running the air conditioning in your vehicle can increase fuel consumption by up to 20%?

    According to a recent article on Petro-Canada’s Pumptalk, Toyota has developed an innovative product to reduce the need to use the A/C in your vehicle. The product? Lime green solar reflective paint.

    Image: Toyota
    Image: Toyota

    Other car paints contain “carbon black”, an element that is helpful for adjusting hues, but also absorbs heat. Toyota’s “Thermo-Tect Lime Green” paint instead contains “reflective titanium oxide particles to reflect the sun’s rays.” The paint minimizes the heat absorbed from the sun, helping the temperature in the cabin to stay lower while the car is not in use. This reduces the need to blast the A/C, ultimately reducing fuel consumption.


    Click here to read the full article in Pumptalk.

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