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    Alberta’s Power Grid May See Cleaner Energy by 2020

    COSIA recently published an article discussing exciting new developments surrounding the use of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFCs) for both carbon capture and storage (CSS) and less carbon-intensive energy production for in-situ bitumen extraction projects.

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    Though MCFCs have been utilized for commercial power generation since the 1990’s, only recently have projects, such as the Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell joint industry project led by Cenovus, begun to also adapt the fuel cells to capture carbon dioxide. The combination of MCFCs and OTSGs will allow for the cogeneration of significantly lower GHG intensive electricity and steam while simultaneously capturing CO2.

    The high cost of carbon capture is one of the main issues with the currently available technologies, however Wayne Hillier of COSIA says that “Combining MCFC technology with carbon capture is transformative because it could bring the cost of carbon capture down, making it a more viable solution – economically and environmentally.”

    Click here to read the full article from COSIA.

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