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    10 Stampede Safety Tips

    It’s that time of year again: plaid shirts, cowboy hats and boots will be the uniform of choice for Calgarians and out-of-towners, and free pancakes and maple syrup will flow through the streets of Calgary!

    Happy Calgary Stampede, everyone! To help you stay safe through these rambunctious ten days, following is our top ten list – vetted and approved by Vista’s HSE team – of Stampede safety tips.

    Photo: Shane Kuhn
    Photo: Shane Kuhn

    1. Stay hydrated.

    While beer is a common choice for many Stampede-goers, frequently consuming good ol’ H20 during your Stampede activities will keep you hydrated (and could save you from a nasty hangover!).

    2. Wear sunscreen.

    It’s summer time and the sun is out! Be sure to protect yourself from harmful UV rays – even on cloudy days!

    3. Don’t drive after drinking, and watch out for drunk drivers.

    Stay safe on those streets! If you’ve been drinking, take a cab, public transit or ride with a designated driver. Look out for impaired drivers, and be extra cautious when crossing the busy roads near the Stampede grounds.

    4. Locate the emergency exits.

    When attending events in bars and nightclubs, be sure to know where the emergency exits are located.

    5. Don’t carry large amounts of cash.

    Keep money and valuables in a secure location on yourself, rather than in a backpack or purse that can be easily stolen.

    6. Instruct your kids on what to do if they get lost.

    Show your children how to locate the Lost Kids Centre on the Stampede grounds.

    7. If you feel unsafe, report it.

    Report suspicious people or activities to the Stampede security staff.

    8. Don’t forget the Pepto.

    This year’s celebration features poutine corn dogs and salted caramel deep fried coffee…mm…but watch out! Too much deep fried food can cause indigestion…Pepto Bismol is your friend.

    9. Eat lots of pancakes.

    In case you get bucked off of a horse, plumping yourself up with some pancakes before your Stampede event could save your life!…Okay, maybe it won’t save your life, but the pancakes sure will be tasty (and free!).

    10. Enjoy yourself!

    Have a great Stampede, and ensure that visitors to our great city see our Calgarian hospitality by lending a hand to tourists who need assistance.



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