Bashar Hussien

Bashar Hussien

, P.Eng., Ph.D.

Principal, Chief Executive Officer
Joined Vista 2008
Became Shareholder 2010

Bashar Hussien is Vista’s Chief Executive Officer, a member of the Senior Management Team and the Board of Directors. He is the leader of Vista’s project management and engineering teams.

His career has spanned the globe, with diverse experience in engineering, project management, and entrepreneurial endeavors. He has accumulated a broad range of experience in industrial project development, implementation, and project management in petroleum, petrochemical, steel, and other heavy industries. Since joining Vista in 2008, Bashar has managed the engineering design for a variety of oil recovery methods, including THAI, SAGD, CSS, and ASP.

In addition to his chemical engineering background, in 1999, Bashar earned a Ph.D. in heavy oil upgrading through the use of the novel Discriminatory Destructive Distillation (3D) process.

Bashar is affiliated with APEGA, APEGS.

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