Act Now to Help Stop Bill C-69

Fellow Canadians,

As you have likely heard, Canada’s federal government has passed a bill (C-69) that will make future developments in the energy sector next to impossible. This letter is a call for you to take action by sending a letter opposing Bill C-69 to your Senator.

Please read on to understand why I believe this is important.

While the Liberal government under Justin Trudeau pays frequent lip service to the dire economic situation facing Alberta, the fact is that the federal government has shown its opposition to projects that are in Canada’s national interest by passing Bill C-69. In general, the stated intentions of Bill C-69 are to:

  • replace the National Energy Board with the Canadian Energy Regulator
  • broaden the matters considered when approving a project, including:
    • health and socio-economic factors not directly related to the project
    • emissions created by products of the projects
    • consent from (not just engagement with) indigenous groups

Under the new regime, it is unclear if even the Government’s own pipeline (Trans Mountain Expansion) will be able to make it through the process. Meanwhile, it is estimated the new Canadian Energy Regulator will cost at least $74.6 million in initial set-up expenses.

Canada’s government spent billions of taxpayer money on a pipeline project that may never get built because of the government’s own regulations. Click To Tweet

If a pipeline owned by the Crown cannot gain regulatory approval, then it is no wonder that industry leaders such as Imperial Oil have already indicated there is a cloud of uncertainty hovering “over whether or not global investors would choose to sink their money into Canadian energy.”

Hal Kvisle, a former CEO of TransCanada Corp., recently told BNN Bloomberg that Bill C-69 is “an absolutely devastating piece of legislation.”

Explaining the Impact Assessment Process

To help make sense of the proposed legislation, commented on the implications of Bill C-69 and included this infographic in their analysis.

A graphical outline of the general process in the Impact Assessment Act
A graphical outline of the general process in the Impact Assessment Act with the italicized Factors in Section 22 indicating new impact factors.


Since assuming the role of CEO in 2014, I have tried hard to decouple my personal opinions about this government from my day-to-day work at Vista Projects. But, the quality engineering work we do depends on producers having a stable, predictable, and business-friendly environment in which to make important investments in our economy.

I am speaking out against Bill C-69 because, in the words of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), it “will diminish the global competitiveness of Canada’s oil and natural gas industry.”

I hope you will join me.

Bill c-69 Tell Ottawa to Slow Down
Image from Canada’s Energy Citizens. Click to send a letter to your Senator.

Bill C-69 is now being considered by the Senate of Canada, who has recently sent bills of lesser importance back to the House of Commons for revision. Our window of opportunity to demand that this government implement a sensible domestic energy policy that supports economic growth is rapidly closing.

If you are as concerned as I am about the consequences of Bill C-69 becoming law, I ask that you join me in sending a letter to your Senator to call for the Senate’s support to ensure that this bill does not go any further.

Writing to your Senator is easy – Canada’s Energy Citizens and CAPP have prepared a form letter for this purpose. Just click below and provide your details to lend support to this important cause. Note: this initiative has now closed.

I encourage you, as I encouraged everyone at Vista, to share this important message with your network and encourage everyone you know to take action too.

And, when you next have the opportunity to decide who will represent your riding in Ottawa, I would ask that you make your choice according to the candidate who will stand up and support the oil and gas industry and the hundreds of thousands of jobs it creates for Canadians like you and me.

Thank you,

Bashar Hussien, P.Eng. Ph.D
Principal, Chief Executive Officer

Bashar Hussien, CEO Vista Projects

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